Skrivanek Language and Adventure Summer Camps in 2023

In 2023 we offer 13 different summer camps for children and youth in different age groups:

ESI SVEIKS! – Latvian language camp

Also this summer, Skrivanek’s excellent Latvian language teachers will be happy to meet you at exciting Latvian language day camps for children and youth, where participants can learn Latvian from the very basics or refresh and polish their existing language skills.

The Latvian language camps are specially designed for diaspora children and youth and for children of foreign citizens who do not have the opportunity to practice their Latvian at home and in their everyday lives.

The camp takes place:

26.06.−30.06.2023.09.00–13.00ESI SVEIKS!Form 1–3EUR 150 including VAT
10.07.−14.07.2023.13.30–17.30ESI SVEIKS!Form 4–6EUR 150 including VAT
07.08.−11.08.2023.09.00–13.00ESI SVEIKS!Form 1–3EUR 150 including VAT

Aktīvās atpūtas un latviešu valodas nometneMANA VASARA – active recreation and Latvian language day camp

This summer’s Latvian language adventure with Skrivanek will be special! The Latvian language day camp is for children whose families do not speak Latvian, as well as for children who study primary education abroad.

We will be passionate about teaching your children to love and learn about our beautiful and rich language, which has a long history and is the mother tongue of a people who respect and protect their traditions, history, folklore and culture.

The camp takes place:

17.07.−21.07.2023.09.00–17.00MANA VASARAForm 1–3EUR 280 including VAT
24.07.−28.07.2023.09.00–17.00MANA VASARAForm 4–6EUR 280 including VAT

ATPAKAĻ SKOLĀ Latvian language camp

Shortly before the start of the new school year, Skrivanek will be welcoming children and youth to prepare for school and refresh their Latvian language skills!

This Latvian language camp will definitely help children and youth who do not speak Latvian as the first language to gain confidence in their abilities and knowledge, and not to be afraid to speak the language that is not their mother tongue.

The camp takes place:

21.08.−25.08.2023.13.30–17.30ATPAKAĻ SKOLĀForm 4–6EUR 150 including VAT

RAngļu valodas pilnas dienas nometne Riga FunIGA FUN – recreation and English language camp

This year we are also offering our legendary and tradition-rich day camps for children and youth Riga Fun – fun adventures, educational excursions and no less incredible adventures than Alice in Wonderland.

This summer day camp gives children and youth the opportunity to strengthen their knowledge of English not only in theory, but also in practice, taking part in various activities, discussions, competitions, museum visits and active games in Riga’s parks.

The camp takes place:

05.06.-09.06.2023.09.00–17.00RIGA FUNForm 1–3EUR 280 including VAT
12.06.-16.06.2023.09.00–17.00RIGA FUNForm 1–3EUR 280 including VAT
26.06.-30.06.2023.09.00–17.00RIGA FUNForm 1–3EUR 280 including VAT
03.07.-07.07.2023.09.00–17.00RIGA FUNForm 4–6EUR 280 including VAT
10.07.-14.07.2023.09.00–17.00RIGA FUNForm 1–3EUR 280 including VAT
17.07.-21.07.2023.09.00–17.00RIGA FUNForm 4–6EUR 280 including VAT
24.07.-28.07.2023.09.00–17.00RIGA FUNForm 4–6EUR 280 including VAT
31.07.-04.08.2023.09.00–17.00RIGA FUNForm 4–6EUR 280 including VAT
07.08.-11.08.2023.09.00–17.00RIGA FUNForm 4–6EUR 280 including VAT
14.08.-18.08.2023.09.00–17.00RIGA FUNForm 4–6EUR 280 including VAT
21.08.-25.08.2023.09.00–17.00RIGA FUNForm 4–6EUR 280 including VAT

STILS UN MODE – style and fashion camp

New this summer, a full-day style and fashion camp that will be fun and useful for all girls aged 12 to 15. Throughout the weeklong camp, under the guidance of a professional educator, girls will learn about the history of fashion and styling, skin types and skincare routines, how to find and combine colours in clothes and accessories, create their own unique style and do many other exciting things, and on the last day of the camp they will go to a photo studio where they will have a professional photoshoot. Only five days, but so much important and practical information that will help every girl to become an elegant and refined young lady!

To guarantee your place in this camp, please make your first payment of 50% by 26 May 2023. The first payment is non-refundable in the case of cancellation.

The camp takes place:

12.06.-16.06.2023.09.00–17.00STILS UN MODEGirls aged 12-15EUR 361 including VAT

ENGLISH CHALLENGE – English language camp for big and small

As usual, this summer the Skrivanek Training Centre welcomes pupils from Form 1–6 to the exciting English language day camp – English Challenge. The day camp is a great way to take up the English language challenge and consolidate the knowledge acquired at school. At our day camps, children will spend time with their peers speaking English, making new friends and polishing what they have learnt each day through interactive conversations, games, competitions and many other activities.

The camp takes place:

26.06.-30.06.2023.09.00–13.00ENGLISH CHALLENGEForm 1–3EUR 150 including VAT
26.06.-30.06.2023.13.30–17.30ENGLISH CHALLENGEForm 4–6EUR 150 including VAT
03.07.-07.07.2023.09.00–13.00ENGLISH CHALLENGEForm 1–3EUR 150 including VAT
10.07.-14.07.2023.13.30–17.30ENGLISH CHALLENGEForm 4–6EUR 150 including VAT

TEĀTRIS – acting camp

Performing arts have always been closely linked to language and communication. Like learning a language, acting requires a great deal of inner motivation, willpower and the courage not to be afraid to make mistakes.

In the acting classes organised by Skrivanek, we will develop our ability to express ourselves, to speak confidently in front of an audience, to work on our creative potential in a fun and informal atmosphere. Acting skills, especially public speaking, are not only great for the stage, but also on a daily basis and in school, in fact for life, because you cannot live without language and communication.

The camp takes place:

03.07.−07.07.2023.13.30–17.30TEĀTRISForm 7–9EUR 150 including VAT
24.07.−28.07.2023.13.30–17.30TEĀTRISForm 10–12EUR 150 including VAT
07.08.−11.08.2023.09.00–13.00TEĀTRISForm 7–9EUR 150 including VAT

DEUTSCH MACHT SPAß – German language camp

Our German language camp teachers are enthusiasts of their profession and knowledge, who will be more than happy to pass on their knowledge to young speakers. These camps are for children and youth with and without prior knowledge of German.

Learning German in our camps is not only about reviewing and consolidating previous knowledge, it is also about learning new skills through games, educational activities, improving language skills through conversations, play, competitions and other activities.

The camp takes place:

17.07.−21.07.2023.13.30–17.30DEUTSCH MACHT SPAßForm 4–6EUR 150 including VAT

Glezniecības vasaras nometne

GLEZNIECĪBA – art and painting camp

Under the guidance of experienced art teachers, participants will not only paint Riga’s urban scenes, but also learn the theoretical basics of painting and composition in plain language. The Skrivanek art and painting camp is designed for children and teenagers with or without a background in painting. During the classes we will not only develop creativity and imagination, but will also indulge in the joys of light, shadow and colour, practising different painting techniques – watercolour, pastel, acrylic.

The camp takes place:

31.07.−04.08.2023.09.00–13.00GLEZNIECĪBAForm 1–3EUR 150 including VAT
31.07.−04.08.2023.13.30–17.30GLEZNIECĪBAForm 4–6EUR 150 including VAT

ЗАНИМАТЕЛЬНЫЙ РУССКИЙ – Russian language camp

The Russian language camp offered by the Skrivanek Training Centre is designed for children whose mother tongue is Latvian but who are interested in learning this beautiful and rich language in more depth.

Learning Russian at the summer day camp will be an exciting adventure for children who love a challenge. We will teach the language through fun and educational activities, improving language skills through games, presentations, songs and many other activities.

The camp takes place:

31.07.−04.08.2023.09.00–13.00ЗАНИМАТЕЛЬНЫЙ РУССКИЙForm 4–6EUR 150 including VAT

ENGLISH KID – English language camp for 4–6 year olds

Childhood is the time when our children are most open to new knowledge and exploring the world. It has been scientifically proven that pre-school children can learn a new language naturally and amazingly easily. This summer, the Skrivanek Training Centre will be welcoming the very youngest to join us on an incredible adventure, discovering the wonderful world of English and making new friends.

Our teachers will turn your children’s summer holidays into a fun-filled adventure, full of laughter and joy, spent playing together, singing songs, drawing and taking part in various creative workshops.

The camp takes place:

03.07.-07.07.2023.09.00–13.00ENGLISH KID4–6 year oldsEUR 150 including VAT
10.07.-14.07.2023.09.00–13.00ENGLISH KID4–6 year oldsEUR 150 including VAT
17.07.-21.07.2023.09.00–13.00ENGLISH KID4–6 year oldsEUR 150 including VAT
24.07.-28.07.2023.09.00–13.00 ENGLISH KID4–6 year oldsEUR 150 including VAT

ENGLISH EXPERT – English language camp with foreign teachers

Nowadays, it is very essential to learn how to constantly improve your language skills, because there have never been so many opportunities to travel and explore the world! Proficiency in English is a great opportunity to communicate and make friends from all over the world; later it will open up a wide range of opportunities in teaching, studying and working environments, and now it’s a chance to listen to your favourite music, watch films, and understanding everything!

Take part in a summer camp and learn English with native English speaking teachers!

The camp takes place:

07.08.−11.08.2023.13.30–17.30ENGLISH EXPERTForm 6–7EUR 170 including VAT
14.08.−18.08.2023.09.00–13.00ENGLISH EXPERTForm 8–9EUR 170 including VAT

BACK2SCHOOL – English language camp

At the very end of the summer, before the start of the new school year, we look forward to welcoming pupils to English language day camps to help them remember what they have learnt in previous years and to gain new knowledge under the guidance of experienced teachers. Summer English camps are fun and friendly, with this wonderful language learnt through games, outdoor activities, traditions and culture.

The camp takes place:

14.08.−18.08.2023.09.00–13.00BACK2SCHOOLForm 1–3EUR 150 including VAT
14.08.−18.08.2023.13.30–17.30BACK2SCHOOLForm 4–6EUR 150 including VAT
21.08.−25.08.2023.09.00–13.00BACK2SCHOOLForm 1–3EUR 150 including VAT
21.08.−25.08.2023.13.30–17.30BACK2SCHOOLForm 4–6EUR 150 including VAT


Fill in the online application form or apply by calling +371 26 382 680, or e-mail [email protected]

Get a discount of EUR 7 by applying before 1 May! Discounts do not sum up.

Summer camps are held in the very centre of Riga, at Lāčplēša iela 87C.

Full day camps run from 9:00 to 17:00, but we have made sure that you can leave your child with us from 8:15, and we will be happy to hand them over to your caring hands up until 17:30. Older children can go home on their own, subject to prior arrangement with the camp organiser.

The Training Centre premises are new, bright and spacious, disinfected daily and hot drinks and water are available.

There is a convenient free parking area in the Skrivanek courtyard, making it easy for parents to drop off and pick up their children without having to worry about parking.

This year we are offering both full and part day camps. They are all organised and coordinated in accordance with Cabinet Regulation No. 981, “Procedures for the organisation and operation of children's camps”.

The camp premises meet the requirements of the State Fire and Rescue Service and the Health Inspectorate.

Catering in full-day camps is provided by a caterer registered with the Food and Veterinary Service.

To apply for a camp, you need to fill in an application form and sign a camp participation contract.

It is also necessary to obtain a certificate from the participant’s general practitioner regarding the participant’s health condition and recommendations, if any. The medical certificate must be issued no later than seven days before the start of the camp.

Yes, you can pay for the camp in cash or by credit card at the Skrivanek office at Lāčplēša iela 87C, or electronically by bank transfer.

Of course, you can pay for the camp in several instalments. To guarantee your place in the camp, please pay the first instalment of EUR 50 within 7 days of receipt of your invoice. The fee can be paid in instalments by cash/card or bank transfer according to a payment schedule of your choice.

Yes, camp payment receipts can be submitted to the SRS as eligible education expenses. If you wish to submit these payments to the SRS, in the payment order please also include the child’s name, personal identity number and the purpose of the payment, e.g., English summer camp.

The day camp fee includes the materials needed for the camp programme, administrative and staff costs, hot drinks, meals provided in the programme, excursions and transport costs, as well as photos and videos taken during the camp in electronic format.

Day camps range from five to ten children per group.

Yes, discounts are available for all our loyal friends, not only for the camps, but also for parents for our language courses. More information is available in the description of each camp.

A sneaky peek into Skrivanek day camps